Natasha Mehrdad

Natasha Mehrdad is a Dear World storyteller based in Los Angeles. Natasha embodies the fusion of youth, diversity, and entrepreneurial zeal. At Dear World, she captivates audiences with her storytelling prowess, weaving narratives that transcend barriers and spark genuine connections.

The child of immigrants, Natasha graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara before joining Dear World. She’s since worked with agencies ranging from human rights groups to corporations. That experience has led her to embark on a mission to help teams navigate the intersection of commerce and social transformation.

Beyond Dear World, Natasha’s role as a market research consultant gives her the unique skillset of collaborating with industry giants like Meta, Amazon, and Hulu to forge a path where corporate success converges with meaningful social change. That intersection is where she helps teams establish a new wave of inclusive leadership. With an unwavering commitment to fostering belonging and equality, Natasha’s storytelling brings audiences closer to a future where every voice resonates and every space radiates with inclusivity.