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Quick Facts

• X and Mari met Nathalie Cardino, President & Chief People Officer, and Jenny Simmons, VP, Global Head of Onboarding & Employee Learning, at Salesforce’s San Francisco office on February 7th, 2024.

• Salesforce and Dear World connected via Zoom call on March 12th, 2024.

• Mariana and Joy met Kimberly Fairrington, Director, Global Onboarding, and Suzanne Coonan, Global Employee Learning & Executive Development, through Jenny Simmons.

• Salesforce is interested in learning about Dear World Academy’s Learning Objective, Sample Case Studies, Brain Tattoo Experience, and PRTRAIT Process Live events, and expected outcomes.

• There’s potential for the Salesforce team to experience the Dear World experience on April 10th-12th (tentative due to Kimberly’s availability). Mariana will follow up on a potential San Francisco dinner event within those dates.

Keishia's Highlight

Our relationship with Salesforce started simply, many years before Zahra joined the company. She hosted a Managing Directors meeting at Accenture that Dear World participated in. For years now, I’ve trained senior leaders to get on stage and share the story behind their message.

I’ll never forget, Zahra was coachable, interested and really wanted to show her new Managing Directors her authenticity. I’ll let you tell her the story behind When you are sad, think of my moustache.

What often happens with our clients and us? We put time, energy, passion and skill into making something special.

We develop bonds and friendships.

Zahra announced she’d be leaving Accenture to join Salesforce.

And within the first six months when she needed to re-organize her leadership team. We brought the Brain Tattoo Method to her top 40 leaders during her first on site retreat with them.

Our lessons: Relationships Matter
Practical outputs for moving forward: We can help top executives craft authentic personal stories through one of our newest programs: Letter of Your Life (LOYL).

Zahra's Highlight

“Dear World’s storytelling methods consistently drive results in my most important resource, my human capital. My team’s leave these sessions with a renewed sense of purpose, a clear and logical next step on how to drive and motivate their teams towards team and business goals, and a new toolkit in how to use storytelling in their work across the organization.”

Company: Accenture
Method: Brain Tattoo Method
Use Case: The Brain Tattoo Method was embedded into new employee onboarding in order to 1) provide a platform for Accenture employees to connect with other new employees and share personal/professional stories 2) provide an opportunity for employees to learn and engage with the Accenture Core Values through the lens of their own individual values and experiences.
Customization: Aligned to Accenture values. 
Number of Storytellers Trained: 300+ 
Type of Training: Virtual
Number of participants that have gone through Brain Tattoo Method: 200,000+ 

Academy Objectives
Academy Modules
Dear World Academy Week 1:
Dear World Academy Week 2:
Dear World Academy Week 3:
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On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your ability to translate the skills you gained during the Dear World Academy to your functional role.

  • Average Score of 9.2 out of 10 92% 92%

“I love the time we get to spend together with the other Accenture storytellers. I feel like I’m learning a new skill set through this certification. I am learning to be a better listener and a better facilitator.”

“It has been a privilege to learn from the Dear World team and I am very passionate about the mission. I feel so lucky to be part of something so great. I can’t wait to do my first session.”

“I keep coming back to the monthly storyteller sessions to reconnect, get energy from each other, and I am constantly inspired by the stories we share.”

Company: Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) 
Method: Brain Tattoo Method
Use Case: Brain Tattoo Method was used to provide a platform for nurses and employees to reconnect with the company values, share their stories, and create connections among their colleagues.
Number of Storytellers Trained: 20
Type of Training: Virtual
Number of participants that have gone through Brain Tattoo Method: 710

Company: Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) 
Method: Brain Tattoo Method
Use Case: Brain Tattoo Method was used to provide a platform for nurses and employees to reconnect with the company values, share their stories, and create connections among their colleagues.
Number of Storytellers Trained: 20
Type of Training: Virtual
Number of participants that have gone through Brain Tattoo Method: 737

Recommended the experience


CHOC Experience
Survey Results

  • Felt safe to share their story 91% 91%
  • Felt more connected to CHOC’s Values 92% 92%
  • Felt more connected to their colleagues 94% 94%

Company: Verizon
Method: Brain Tattoo Method
Use Case: The Brain Tattoo Method was embbeded into the Verizon Women of the World program, a career development program aimed at equipping women employees at Verizon with the skills and capabilities to become leaders within Verizon and achieve their personal and professional goals.
Customization: Aligned to Verizon values 
Number of Storytellers Trained: 15 
Type of Training: Virtual
Number of participants that have gone through Brain Tattoo Method: 400

Our original storytelling method born out of Hurricane Katrina and X’s experiences in New Orleans, this method explores people’s unique experiences that help them identify their values and purpose. The method relies on sharing scenes or “Brain Tattoos” that people find during our 30, 60 or 90 minute keynote / facilitation sessions.

The iconic photos happen after the Brain Tattoo session and people have opportunity to take their very own Brain Tattoo photograph.

Learning outcomes: Attendees will be able to connect deeply with colleagues, develop a story from their lives and share that with others.

Train the Trainer
Sizes Any
Custom Values Integration

Description: Dear World Brain Tattoo Hype Video.
Method: Brain Tattoo Method

Description: How Brain Tatoo method works
Method: Brain Tattoo Method

Description: Experience the journey of Coach K’s final championship in 2015, where the Duke Men’s Basketball team utilized the innovative Brain Tattoo Method of Dear World.
Method: Brain Tattoo Method

“The Brain Tattoo Experience has nothing to do with basketball and it has everything to do with basketball because it helps us develop a sense of trust with one another.”

Mike Krzyzewski

Former USA Olympic Basketball and
Duke University Head Coach

Inspired by X’s mother (an artist who died in 2002) and developed in 2021, PRTRAIT is gives participants opportunities to see each other in new ways.

Its foundation is a self portrait sketching exercise. We also include interactive intention setting and a live demonstration of how to take someone’s portrait. The session can be completed in 30, 60 or 90 min.

During the second portion of the process – the PRTRAIT Party-participants photograph each other.

Attendees will be able to reflect on how they hope to be seen, learn what makes a beautiful portrait and remember what it feels like to make art.

Train the Trainer
Sizes Any
Custom Values Integration

Description: Experience the College Board’s Pencils Down event from last year, where participants engaged in the PRTRAIT Process, drawing inspiration from Dear World, to foster connections, moments of reflection, and self-care.
Method: Prtrait Process

Description: Explore Dear World’s PRTRAIT PROCESS showcased at last year’s FICP event themed “Beyond the Horizon.” Witness over 400 participants immerse themselves in the transformative power of storytelling to foster unity within communities.
Method: Prtrait Process

“We knew the PRTRAIT PROCESS by Dear World would be a success at the 2023 FICP. Nearly a decade after first seeing Dear World, it’s amazing to see a new method that has the same impact as their first one spiritually, mentally and even physically.

I now have a better understanding, a better level of compassion and a greater appreciation for those who I met or deepened connections with through the PRTRAIT PROCESS. Congrats to Dear World for doing it again. I hope my FICP meeting professional colleagues can find ways to bring their great work to what you’re doing, too.”

Michael Burke, CMP
Past FICP Board Member


Founding Storyteller and CEO

Robert X. Fogarty is a speaker, advocate, and social entrepreneur. He founded the Dear World storytelling organization and the company’s CEO and chief ”method maker.”

You might have seen beautiful photographs of people with messages written on their bodies floating around the internet the past decade. If you have, Robert Xavier Fogarty more than likely took the photograph.

What started in 2010 as an art project to document people’s love of New Orleans has grown into an internationally known organization dedicated to celebrating the power of a personal story.

X has delivered Dear World’s Brain Tattoo™ Storytelling Method to some of the world’s top organizations including Fidelity Investments, UBS, Accenture, Genentech, AstraZeneca, and the Duke Men’s Basketball Team.

He’s also traveled the world working with communities including the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting survivors, Boston marathon bombing survivors, South Sudanese civil liberties activists, COVID ICU nurses and Syrian Refugees.

X and Dear World have been featured in media outlets across the globe, including CNN, The Today Show, The Guardian (UK), L’Express (France), and The New York Times. In 2014 and 2016, Robert was the commencement speaker at his alma mater, the University of Oregon.



Khatdija Meghjani is a Dear World storyteller based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her journey, spanning management consulting and community building,
is dedicated to infusing humanity into the corporate world and fostering authentic connections.

Before her storytelling role at Dear World, Khatdija excelled as a management consultant at prestigious firms like BCG and World 50. Her deep grasp of global business challenges drives her mission to restore humanity to human resources.

At Dear World, Khatdija leverages innovative methodologies to create compelling narratives. Her ultimate goal is to cultivate spaces where all can flourish. She’s collaborated with esteemed companies such as Accenture, Avantor Sciences, Eppendorf, Guardian Health, Global Nexus, U.S. Department of Interior, and Walmart India.

Khatdija’s journey as a storyteller exemplifies her dedication to celebrating authentic connections, shared stories, and individual voices. With a global perspective and unwavering commitment to inclusion, Khatdija invites us all to join her on a journey of connection and understanding.



Lynetria “Fresh” Johnson is a Dear World storyteller based in the company’s founding city, New Orleans, Louisiana. In her work with Dear World, Johnson has been recognized as a leading and bold voice by corporations, universities and community organizations across the country. She has presented several high profile events including the United Nations Youth Day held in the main assembly hall of the UN in New York City, and the Essence Festival held in New Orleans.

Fresh is also the co-producer of the critically acclaimed web series Professional Black Girl and co-produced Dear World’s critically acclaimed series with survivors, first responders and victims’ families of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL. Known for her unmistakable voice, Johnson leaves crowds inspired, uplifted and connected and wants you to know she wants to live her best life and be buried in all sequins when it’s over.



Natasha Mehrdad is a Dear World storyteller based in Los Angeles. Natasha embodies the fusion of youth, diversity, and entrepreneurial zeal. At Dear World, she captivates audiences with her storytelling prowess, weaving narratives that transcend barriers and spark genuine connections.

The child of immigrants, Natasha graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara before joining Dear World. She’s since worked with agencies ranging from human rights groups to corporations. That experience has led her to embark on a mission to help teams navigate the intersection of commerce and social transformation.

Beyond Dear World, Natasha’s role as a market research consultant gives her the unique skillset of collaborating with industry giants like Meta, Amazon, and Hulu to forge a path where corporate success converges with meaningful social change. That intersection is where she helps teams establish a new wave of inclusive leadership. With an unwavering commitment to fostering belonging and equality, Natasha’s storytelling brings audiences closer to a future where every voice resonates and every space radiates with inclusivity.



Keshia Hannam is Dear World storyteller based in New York City. Hannam’s early immersion into multi-cultural communities and her tireless curiosity for people and their unique stories have made her a respected voice across corporations and non-profits around the world. While at Dear World she has presented to Fortune 100 companies as well as university students. Hannam’s own multicultural background (half Indian/half Australian) sparked her curiosity for diverse communities, people and their unique stories.

Keshia is the co-founder of global women’s platform Camel Assembly, a 5,500 strong collective of creative leaders that works across nine cities in four continents. As a speaker, Keshia has taken to the stages for media platforms like The New York Times and Facebook, Fortune 500 companies like Macy’s (NYC) & Marriott Group (China), and on important social topics like environment with the Stockholm Resilience Institute (Sweden) and International Day of the Girl in association with Barclay’s (London). Keshia’s multi-hyphen background established her as a known writer about subjects like intersectionality, environment, cross-cultural communication, innovation, global business, food and travel. Her work has been published in National Geographic, Fortune, Forbes, CNN, South China Morning Post, Huffington Post, Tatler and WGSN, amongst others.