“Last Night Martha and I got Weird” – Washington’s Brain Tattoo Full by Dear World.


Introducing the “Last Night Martha and I got Weird” Tee – a humorous nod to history with a modern-day mischief twist. This isn’t just another tee; it’s where America’s founding era collides with today’s playful banter.

Made from the finest materials, this white tee proudly displays a regal George Washington, encased within a classic picture frame. But instead of the poised posture we’ve come to expect from the first president, here he stands, arms crossed with a hint of mischief. Etched on one arm is the intriguing confession, “Last Night Martha and I”, while the other arm cheekily finishes the thought, “Got Weird”. It’s a delightful blend of respect and irreverence, making the father of the nation relatable and downright hilarious.

This tee is all about breaking the mold. By juxtaposing an iconic figure with contemporary humor, it not only serves as a style statement but also a chuckle-inducing conversation starter.

The “Washington’s Revelry” Tee is for those who love a bit of history, a dash of audacity, and a whole lot of fun. It’s a reminder that even in the annals of history, there’s room for a little cheeky imagination.

Wear your wit with historical flair. Dive into the fun side of history.