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University of Colorado, Bentley University and the University of Chicago welcome new students using Dear World's Brain Tattoo method

Over 100 colleges & universities have hosted Dear World on their campus. Our University Orientation experience is designed to develop powerful connections among your incoming students. The University of Colorado has utilized Dear World’s method for several years both virtually and in person. Scroll below to read and watch some of the outcomes we’ve achieved with some of the nation’s top institutions. 

Bentley University welcomes first year students using the Dear World's methodology

See how Bentley University delivers on hits promise to connect first year students to each other and the university using Dear Word. 




University of Chicago delivers on its promise to connect first year students to their mission.

The University of Chicago gave each incoming student a chance to identify a meaningful story in their life and align it with the school’s values through our Brain Tattoo method. 

Inspire connection of your incoming students through the Brain Tattoo Method

One of the biggest challenges students face when they go to college is creating connections with their peers. With them being in a completely new environment, it can be difficult for students to find others with similar interests and values. Additionally, many students feel overwhelmed when moving into their school, making it challenging to put themselves out there and meet new people, which can lead to students feeling isolated or disconnected from campus life. These challenges can impact a students academic success, mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Dear World’s Brain Tattoo Experience is the perfect way to help your students connect with their peers at orientation and form lasting friendships.

The Brain Tattoo Experience is an interactive process that inspires unique stories from students and celebrates these stories through photography. After going through the Brain Tattoo Method, students will be able to tell a story that is meaningful to them, share their story with other students, hear the stories of other students, and receive their very own Brain Tattoo Portrait.

Here's how it works

1. Opening Keynote

A 45-90 minute interactive keynote led by a Dear World storyteller that walks participants through the Brain Tattoo Method – a 3 step process that inspires stories from your participants. In this keynote, students will work in small groups to develop their own story and listen to the stories of others. Students will leave this session with their Brain Tattoo – a word or phrase from a story that is unique to them. 

2. Photo Activation

Students partner up and write their Brain Tattoos on one another. This often gets student’s asking “Why did you write __?” 


After this, students take their iconic Brain Tattoo Portrait. 

3. Story Celebration Keynote

Our storyteller gets back on stage to celebrate the stories heard on your campus. A beautiful slideshow with all of the Brain Tattoo Portraits is played. 

Additionally, our storyteller will individually coach 3-5 students from your campus to tell their stories live from the stage during this session. 

2023 College Orientation Tour Season

We have 10 slots available on our 2023 Orientation Tour! Below are the schools we are already set to visit!

1. Colorado School of Mines

2. University of Wisconsin Whitewater

3. University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

4. Case Western Reserve University

5. University of Massachusetts 

6. Virginia Tech

7. UNC Asheville

We only have 3 remaining slots! To book a discovery call with our team!

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