Dear World Live visits Deluxe Sales Kickoff

The San Antonio hillside provided the perfect setting for Dear World and Deluxe to collaborate at the JW Marriott.

January, 2023.

Storytelling Method: Brain Tattoo

Dear World Storyteller: Robert โ€œXโ€ Fogarty

Deluxe Closing Storytellers: Zell, Shawn, Mandy

Photo Studios: 2

Video Studio: 1ย 

Participants: >200

Dear World Field Producer:ย  Shay!ย 

How we delivered on Deluxe's ask

Deluxe's annual sales meeting this year came on the heels of some deep orgnizational change. Before the meeting, CEO of Deluxe Barry Henderson briefed Dear World that this meeting was important to begin to move forward together with the team that will deliver results in 2023. "Sales is a contact sport," he says. "And it's all about relationships."

Act 1: The Brain Tattoo Method

At 8 AM, Robert "X" Fogarty, Dear World founder, delivers a 50 minute version of Dear World's original storytelling experience. The Brain Tattoo method. CEO of Deluxe, Barry McCarthy introduces Fogarty.

Act II: Portraits and Video Capture

After Act 1, people contributed their Brain tattoo stories and video testimonies for four hours after the speech.

Brain Tattoo Closing Story

Act III: Interface storytellers and video Reveal

Fogarty finds three storytellers during the photo shoot and coaches them to deliver their brain tattoo stories on stage at 1:30. We close with a five minute slideshow of all the message.


I think the depth of emotion that it sparked on peopleย  was pretty impressive. Go Deluxe!
Barry McCarthy, CEO
โ€œFor me this is year 24 in my career and you're in top 3 of anything I've seen.
SKO Partipant

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Robert "X" Fogarty shows off his Deluxe "X"s at SKO< 2023

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