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Make your mark.

The Original Method. It’s our Converse All Stars. If you’ve ever seen a photo of someone with a message written on their skin? We more than likely took it. More than 500,000 strong and counting the Brain Tattoo Method is built with three core components. 


One time experiences digital or irl. Audience size: 5-5,000 people

Dear World Academy: Storytelling skill building curriculum and certification and licensing program. Scalability: 5,000 > 200,000 people


A new way to see each other.

The most utility of any of our methods. The PRTRAIT PROCESS, developed in 2022, gives the camera to the participants and demystifies what makes a beautiful portrait. Hint, it’s not the camera. 

PRTRAIT’s feel more like an intention setting and commitment exercise and you get incredible portraits.


 Offerings: Digital or irl one time storytelling experiences.  Audience size 5-5,000


Letter of Your Life: Our live 1-1 or small cohort based storytelling and skill building curriculum. 

Inspired by a reporting 101 exercise while at the University of Oregon where the professor asked Fogarty and other classmates to write their own obituaries– comes a spin on that assignment. What if leaders created a Letter of their Lives? The envision, reflect and commit to a legacy. We help write and develop their performance and stage skills. 

They deliver their letter via live talk.  

Offerings:  4 week, 8 week, and on going retainer based skill building. 


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