Our organizational engagement clients know that culture change doesn't happen overnight. These one-year minimum collaborations entail custom media, websites, and curriculum that align to your strategy, vision, and values. Below are five components to our organizational engagment methodology.

Our Storytelling methods

Clarify purpose. Capture authentic stories. Increase engagement.

"There’s a law you can put down in your book. The more people know about each other, the stronger your organization."
~ Don Clifton, Former Gallup Chairman

1. Change at the Top

We start our approach by going deep from the top with your executive teams. Culture starts at the top. Through a series of leadership intensives with your C-suite, we begin to set a vision that authentic and purpose-driven storytelling is encouraged within the organization. Through a series of videos, photos, and written stories, we document your C-suite executives and build a thematic calendar to release the series on your custom StoryHub. Example Story: Christy Panbianchi, CPO Verizon.

2. Develop Dear World Purpose Statement

We develop an understanding of the organization’s mission, vision, and values. We develop a creative brief centered around how to align the mission vision and values with the stories of your people. Our purpose statements often take on lives of their own within the organization and are creatively reproduced on office walls, screensavers, and other communication platforms.

3. Certified Storyteller Program

We will certify a number of your learning and development full time employees as Dear World storytellers. This gives you the capacity to deploy Dear World throughout the organization. We have designed our Certified Storyteller program with a series of interactive courses, live trainings, discussions, assignments, and activities. But this doesn’t stop at graduation time. Throughout the year, certified storytellers work closely with the Dear World studio team to identify stories and themes that can be uploaded to the story hub.

Learn more about the Certified Storyteller Program.

4. Editorial & Story Curation

We assign a strategic account manager to your team. We handle the post-production and maintenance of your stories on the StoryHub.

5. StoryHub: A Database with Soul

We joke around here about the storyhub as an “intranet with a soul.” Imagine a place where you can search and read the stories of your colleagues. A place where each story carries authenicity and purpose. The StoryHub is the place where your stories live on so that we can achieve lasting impact at scale. The StoryHub is a platform that shows the why and the how of where you’re working to increase purpose, belonging and engagement at your organization.

Dear World has nothing to do with basketball but it has everything to do with basketball because it creates a more trusting environment.

Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Duke University Coach Mike Krzyzewski

We train leaders in business, education, and other organizations to build cultures of authenticity, inclusivity, and purpose through a storytelling-centric BRAIN TATTOO approach in which organization members develop and share personal stories with each other.

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