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Give power back to people in the seats

We deliver a robust, interactive and engaging virtual keynote designed for your plenary session, breakout sessions and anything in between. The 60 or 90 minute offering integrates customizations aligned with your values and themes. We believe virtual experiences and live experiences are not created equal and have optimized our virtual offerings. The ideal participant number is under 100. If you have over 100 participants, fear not, we have several ways to deliver meaningful experiences for larger groups, too.


Participants develop a meaningful story from their life using the Dear World Brain Tattoo storytelling method


Participants reflect on why that story is aligned with the theme of the event or the values of the organization


Participants listen to the meaningful stories of their colleagues and debrief their experience

Our process

How the experience works

1. Onboarding & Planning

Our pre-production communications ensures each participant's success. We prepare and integrate seamlessly into your project planning.

3. Share & Listen

Participants share their process and stories in small breakout rooms. Our moderator sets detailed expectations around who shares when and how much time the breakout rooms last.

2. Welcome

A Dear World certified storyteller and moderator welcome the participants from one of our three 4K multicamera studios.

4. Celebrate Stories

At the end of the experience, we open it up to 3-5 people willing to share their story with the group. The diversity of stories are surprising, heartfelt and inspiring.

3. Reflect & Develop

Our talent delivers the Brain Tattoo method and aligns it across your organizational themes. Participants experience indivudal reflection and exposistory writing techniques.

6. Memorialize

You can select a series of artistic content to memorialize the event. Our most popular is the post-experience wrap video. See an example of one below.

A case study: Equinox purpose-driven storytelling

Equinix, a multinational data company, used Dear World to connect their global sales team to their conference theme: "Now." We delivered two experiences and created this video. Equinix played the video at the closing of their virtual sales conference in 2021. .

We create outcomes for our partners

What our customers have to say

I've never seen an exercise break down barriers faster than this one. If you want a group to connect and bond quickly I would highly recommend Dear World.

CHRO, Hyatt Hotels Corporation Malaika Myers
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