Storytelling Experience: The Brain Tattoo Method

Dear World Storytellers: Khatdija Meghjani, Fresh Johnson 

Interface Closing Storytellers: Wendell Haden, Theresa Schneider, Steve Sweetin
Photo Studios: 2

Video Studio: 1

Participants: >200 

Dear World Field Team:  Yev Z, Mariana Holiday, Jodi Bepler, Alex Wiltz

About the Interface + Dear World collaboration.

Our experience stopped and started because of COVID-19 from more than two years.

In late 2022, we began pre-production with Interface’s leadership team.  In a twist of fate, Khatdija Meghjani, our Dear World storyteller, worked on Interfaces’s values more than six years prior in a previous role and spent a day with the Interface leadership team. Interface played each leader’s brain tattoo story to introduce them for the executive team’s on stage moments. 

By the time Alex Wiltz, our editor, delivered version one of the leadership Brain Tattoo videos, our team knew that Interface’s leadership and our methodology aligned. 

While on site, we delivered an opening keynote, two photo activations, a video activation and a final storytelling session. 

The final Interface speaker, Steve Sweetin, received a standing ovation. 

More than three years since their last in person meeting, Interface asked us to deliver personal stories that aligned with their values. How we did it:

Act 1: The Brain Tattoo Method

Khatdija Megjhani and Fresh Johnson deliver a 90 minutes version of Brain Tattoo Storytelling Method. Participants discover their story, listen to a partner and leave with their Brain Tattoo.

brain tattoo photo activation

Act II: Portraits and Video Capture

We take Brain Tattoo portraits and videos for three hours immediately after act 1 while guests have dinner and drinks. More than 200 participate.

Act III: Interface storytellers and video Reveal

Fresh Johnson delivers our closing. It includes 3 Interface community storytellers--Wendell Haden, Theresa Schneider, Steve Sweetin--who each have 5 minutes to share the story behind their brain tattoo. We close with a 6 minute video compilation of other stories edited overnight by Dear World's Alex Wiltz.


Linkedin + Dear World Tee shirt Contest!

The first 10 Interfacers to post their Brain Tattoo photo and a story about you experience will receive one our famous Collegiate style Dear World tees free. Must @dearworld in the LinkedIn Post!

Contest ends Friday February, 3, 2023

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