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Duke Men’s Basketball

“It had nothing to do with basketball, but it had everything do with basketball.”

Read why Coach K credits Dear World with helping Duke win its final national championship under his leadership. 

How we helped Coach K and the Duke men’s basketball team win its last national championship.

2023 Update*

About the partnership: What we now know as Coach K’s final national championship has special important to us here at Dear World. 

In the summer of 2014, then assistant coach (and now) current head coach Jon Scheyer approached us about bringing the brain tattoo method to its players as way to develop their culture for the upcoming season. 

How we delivered:

Over the course of an entire day, we took each member of the staff and team

1.  our brain tattoo method

2. we interviewed each player and helped develop their stories. 

3. we prepared an evening event slideshow and deck 

4. the players shared their stories to each other over dinner. 

5. throughout the season the Coaching staff would reference their stories. 

6. During the 2015 NCAA tournament, each player’s photo traveled with them and was put inside their locker. 



Method: Brain Tattoo

Facilitator: Robert X.  Fogarty 

Durham, North Carolina

Summer 2015 

Duke’s Coaching Staff:

Coach K

Jon Scheyer

Jeff Capel 

Nate James


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