Quick Facts

Storyteller: Robert “X” Fogarty
Field Producer: Sheila Capetta
Location: New York
Date: June 27th-28th, 2024
Method: Brain Tattoo Method

Keishia's Highlight

This is a great start! Let’s finish it:

In the hour before our closing, I realize I’m not ready. The way I communicate the what and the why of color theory is still clunky.

Our color assessment layers meaningful messages, delivering a powerful combination of ephemeral specificity and analysis.

Sheila, my producer, makes me rehearse.

I remember a brain tattoo from my life. A scene that feels like yesterday and also like a dream.

My mom — Mary Beth — asks me, “Do you know how color works?”

I’m 10ish and don’t know.

Her hands are on the wheel, the green sycamore trees, brown dirt road, and goldenrod is in our view.

Light hits an object and reflects into our eyes. Our brain signals what the color is.

The colors we’ve selected are just the beginning.

Standing on the stage, I see the faces of those who have come to listen, to share, and to connect. I take a deep breath and remember my mother’s words. The light, the reflection, the signal—I see your stories and colors flash in front of me.

The clunkiness fades. The colors we’ve chosen, the messages we’ve crafted, they start to weave together.

Oh, and Catherine and Amy absolutely crush.

The audience responds to them, and I see the impact of our work here.

Robert “X” Fogarty
Founding Storyteller and CEO
Amy Kerr
Catherine Kiani

“Dear World really taught me some invaluable lessons about story telling/human connection that I’ll be using in my professional and personal life moving forward.”

Amy K.

President & Founder, Retreats Resources

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