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Why Dear World?
A message from
our founder, R.X. Fogarty

Our methods increase employee engagement & belongingness in organizations worldwide

Our science-based method is prove and tested over 10 years across the globe

The use of 1st-person is a powerful tool. It connotes a truth, an intimacy, an authentic perspective, and thus an insight unlike any other.
Once certain stories get embedded into the culture, they become master narratives—blueprints for people to follow when structuring their own stories.
Studies have shown that finding a positive meaning in past events is linked to a more complex sense of self and greater life satisfaction.
Stories are amplified through the leverage of authentic artistry and technology. The emotional impact of a narrative dictates the extent of the engagement outcomes.

We create space for the extraordinary and everyday

From survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings, former child laborors, refugees, marganilized groups and everyday people alike, Dear World has deployed its method with astounding results through our foundation,

Pulse Night Club Survivors

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Syrian Refugees

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Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors

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Front Line Critical Care Nurses

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Yesterday stories were forgotten, now they live on

Change starts from the inside

84% of Accenture

Participants in a recent Dear World event said that the experience would help them care about a coworker and align them with Accenture Values.
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    I've never seen an exercise break down barriers faster than this one. If you want a group to connect and bond quickly I would highly recommend Dear World.

    CHRO, Hyatt Hotels Corporation Malaika Myers

    Dear World's portraits are part story and part journalism. When you look at a person’s eyes and read their words, a beautiful feeling about what matters overcomes you.

    Leadership and Wellness Author, Deepak Chopra

    Dear World provides proof, platform, and processes for authentic storytelling.