A virtual module that builds a foundation of how to craft an unforgettable story and prepares leaders to facilitate storytelling experiences for their organization.

Over three weeks, leaders build their storytelling skills and learn to facilitate Dear World’s signature storytelling facilitation, the Brain Tattoo Method. Leaders leave able to guide people within their own organization to identify, craft, and share meaningful stories. Leaders leave the module with a strong foundation of storytelling skills, preparation to become an organizational driver of connection and culture, and a one year certification in the Brain Tattoo Method.

Experience the Brain Tattoo storytelling method
Develop techniques to align stories with company values, mission statements, etc.
Learn techniques to facilitate the Brain Tattoo storytelling method
Explain what makes an effective storyteller and develop those skills through practice
Practice a full digital facilitation of the Brain Tattoo storytelling method


July 15 – August 2, 2024


$ 1,500

Certified Storyteller: Brain Tattoo Method