An opportunity to access the knowledge and craft of Dear World’s in-person 101 Camp for those who can’t make it to New Orleans.

The virtual Storytelling 101 Camp covers foundational storytelling techniques and guides leaders through infusing them into their work. Over three days, participants identify, craft, and practice sharing a personal narrative related to their work, purpose, or background and receive a Dear World Certificate of Completion for Foundational Storytelling.

Define the value of storytelling in creating an effective workplace
Define how brain science and the power of storytelling support each other
Practice and receive targeted feedback on the 3 foundational storytelling skills
Identify the elements of a powerful story
Create a plan to incorporate storytelling into their professional life
Identify storytelling skills that can be used to further professional and personal goals


July 24-26, 2024


$ 1,500

Foundational Storytelling

Introductions and intention setting (1 hour)
Course keynote address and group videos (1 hour)
The elements of a good story (1 hour)
Great story workshop (1 hour)