For over 15 years, Dear World has used storytelling experiences to create transformation.  Massive conference halls have morphed into intimate parlors. Organizational cultures have shifted towards positivity and inclusion. Groups of strangers have become teams. 

Now, Dear World is passing that power on to you.  

Dear World Academy is a set of courses that uses storytelling to transform how people lead, connect, and achieve ambitious goals.

Courses include one-on-one communication workshops, professional development sessions for large groups, and train-the-trainer programs that equip leaders to facilitate storytelling experiences and become drivers of connection and culture in their organization. 

Forward-thinking organizations, including Accenture, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Verizon, have already turned to Dear World Academy to train their top talent. Join them in unlocking potential in how your organization performs, connects, and is viewed by the world.

Dear World Academy offers courses on storytelling skills as a way to enhance leadership, communication, and professional performance. Current courses include:




Hi! I decided to write this as it’s my introduction to you:

My friends call me “X” and my mom gave me the middle name Xavier because she thought it would look good on a campaign sign.

I got my professional start in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina as an AmeriCorps member. I worked for the City of New Orleans for three years and also co-founded a charitable organization responsible for the largest integration of public art and emergency preparedness in the world called “Evacuspots.”

Since then, my life has taken many turns as all of ours do. Professionally, I’ve surrounded myself with people more talented and skilled than me and with clients who believe in our work.

It’s worked out so far, and I’m ready for our next challenge, which is bigger, bolder and scarier than I’d initially imagined it to be. That’s why we’re hiring you–to be at my side as we take Dear World to places we never initially thought possible.

Robert “X” Fogarty

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