The Dear World color theory is a new take on the traditional, centuries old color theory.

We believe every person has a life story, and inside of that are little stories that make us who we are. They make up the entire color wheel. But a Brain Tattoo? It’s specific and sensory. We believe giving your brain tattoos a color to complement your photograph adds a resolution and intrigue. Below you’ll see the colors that 25 of our SHRM participants chose for their story.

Shakespeare set Romeo and Juliet here for a reason. Move over Paris, that would have been way too boring. Verona Red stories carry heat, passion, and you know we had to say – Love.

Verona, like you, feels big, weighty and maybe even weak-in-your-knees. And yet for others, it’s just hot, something they’re not yet ready to close or remove from their lives.

Cusco, once the Inca capital, is renowned for its healing and restorative powers.

The color green, symbolizing renewal and growth, mirrors Cusco’s essence. Just as spring brings new life, overcoming obstacles in Cusco fosters growth and change, reflecting the vibrant spirit of green.

In Tokyo, there is an old folktale about the Bamboo and Oak tree. The Oak laughed at the Bamboo for being skinny and frail. One night a storm comes through and the Oak falls down. The Bamboo bent but didn’t break. Your story may have an obstacle that could have been a failure at the time, but now serves as a reminder that your wisdom, insight and meaning can come from the obstacles in our midst.

Some of the emotions you chose fit deftly into what makes New Orleans special. There is nobility and justice. Because there are villains to overcome. And in New Orleans, they say everyone here is a misfit so if you’re so if you feel like a weirdo or free spirit? Guess what you’re gonna love how your story looks through New Orleans purple.

Some say that in a world full of cities, Varanasi is the oldest and most energetically charged of them all.

After all, an entire religion–Hinduism–and their elders believe that if one dies in Varanasi, they can skip reincarnation and head on into Hinduism’s version of heaven.

Faith is always a journey, no matter what God or non-God you pray too. It is and always will be what perplexes you and the rest of us.

Nairobi is famous for a high noon sun that sets over a city that has a national park within its boundaries. Nairobi Orange is that golden hour glow that we see in your story. You’ve seen darkness, and if you’re like us, you know only that a crack of light can cast it out.

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