We believe in your story as a force for good

Dear World helps organizations build cultures of authenticity, inclusivity and purpose.

We see a future where

people who embrace their authentic stories will find purpose and thrive

Our story is the sum of others, more than 150,00 participants later our values guide how we work and remind us why we do this work. We selected five verbs, because we also believe values must be actionable.

Our values guide us


(v) become adjusted to new conditions

Plans developed with rigor and framework are never perfect. Also, wise people have said the only constant in life is change. We aspire to adapt in ways that are aligned with our strategy and our goals.


(v) depend on with full trust or confidence

We rely on others every day and others rely on us. We operate under the expectation that each of us is giving our best.


(v) seek for information by questioning

We listen to each other and we do it in a way to seek understanding and clarity. This doesn’t mean we need to agree. Inquire wholeheartedly and you’ll be amazed by its power.


(v) make a choice from a number of alternatives

We don’t want to wake up old one day without great stories because we wavered. This begins with deciding. Decide, accomplish, repeat.


(v) do something that compensates for poor past performance or behavior

To redeem is an appeal to our best selves. When we cause pain or fall short, we acknowledge, account and then work to redeem.

A brief history of Dear World

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the next 10 years

A vision for the

We will create opportunities to equip and empower more than 10,000,000 people to participate in authentic Dear World storytelling experiences. This is how we’ll do it:

1. Changing Business Culture

We’ll partner with the world’s most admired organizations, and the ones that hope to become such, who believe success starts with aligning the stories of their people with the values of their organization.

2. Worldwide Chapters

Dear World Certified Storytellers will deliver the lions share of experiences through our campus and company chapter model.

3. Multi-Channel Experiences

From our in-development story app to charitable work at dearworld.org we will thrive and exist to tell stories as long as telling stories is still a worthy endeavor.


(P.S. We don’t see this being a short-lived trend.)


Join us

If you want to be a part of creating authentic experiences that showcase the power of the individual story, we are always seeking talented individuals. If you’re interested in becoming a certified storyteller within organization, visit our certification page.

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