Commercial and Charitable Success

After Harvard, our work multiplied and grew in size. Major businesses and small companies alike saw the potential of Dear World as a means of enriching their leaders and their corporate culture. Dear World was pursuing a new kind of profile journalism targeted for specific audiences, documenting the stories – heartfelt ones that yielded no few laughs and tears – from subjects ranging from CEOs to entry level employees, and university presidents to incoming freshmen. 

Today, we count among our clients several Fortune 100 companies and higher ed institutions. Until the pandemic of 2020 Dear World averaged well over 100 paid speaking and photography events per year and we estimate more than 150,000 people  around the world have participated.

As more people invested in Dear World, we grew to the point that it was given this very website domain name from Microsoft who is a client. Microsoft had owned it since 1997 and our client was so inspired by their work with us she lobbied others at Microsoft to give the URL to us. 

We also grew the capacity to take on non-profit storytelling ventures and create a separate charitable organization –dearworld.org. DearWorld.org’s mission is to tell the stories of our time. These series have covered Syrian refugees, South Sudanese civil society leaders and Orlando Pulse nightclub survivors and victims’ families.

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