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Why Dear World?
A message from
our founder, R.X. Fogarty

We help organizations build cultures of authenticity, inclusivity, & purpose.

A storytelling method backed by science and proven across the globe

The use of first person narrative is a powerful tool. It connotes a truth and anchors in an authentic perspective.
Once certain stores are shared, they become foundational. They act as containers for others to operate within while structuring their own stories.
Studies have shown that finding positive meaning in past events links to a wholistic sense of self and great life satisfaction.
Through audio, videos, still photos and the written word, we preserve stories. Each person's contribution is amplified through technology and authentic artistry.

Our charity, deploys the brain tattoo method to document the stories of our time. donates a portion of our annual profits to fund the production of stories about people at the center of  historically significant events or cultural movements.

Pulse Night Club Survivors

Released on the one-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting, features survivors, family members, and first responders

Dear Stuart Scott

Our collaboration with the family of ESPN's Stuart Scott and the Oprah Winfrey network. We donated all licensing fees to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Oprah called it, "a beautiful tribute."

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors

As the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing nears, survivors and first responders returned to the finish line with Dear World.

Front Line Critical Care Nurses

Partnered with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, AACN, to tell the stories of 39 nurses from COVID-19 units across the state of Louisiana.

Purposeful storytelling delivers real results

Change starts from the inside

Accenture partners with Dear World

Case study
See how Accenture has created an ongoing Dear World tradition at their Managing Director school since 2014 (and even virtually during COVID-19).
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    I've never seen an exercise break down barriers faster than this one. If you want a group to connect and bond quickly I would highly recommend Dear World.

    CHRO, Hyatt Hotels Corporation Malaika Myers

    Dear World's portraits are part story and part journalism. When you look at a person’s eyes and read their words, a beautiful feeling about what matters overcomes you.

    Leadership and Wellness Author, Deepak Chopra

    Dear World provides the platform for learning and development leaders to increase engagement through authentic, interactive & purposeful storytelling.