Celebrate stories.

We develop unique storytelling methods that inspire, connect and build skills. We deliver the Brain Tattoo Methodโ„ข, the PRTRAIT Processโ„ข and LOYLโ„ข as one time keynote + storytelling experiences though Dear World Live or as annual skill buildingย curricula and certification programs through our Dear World Academy. Most importantly? We tailor every experience to your needs.ย 

The Dear World Academy benefits organizations and executives who seek:

Cultural and Values re-organization and restructuring
Ongoing storytelling skill building curriculum
Preparing executives to deliver authentic keynotes and speeches.
Storytelling certifications to deliver our methods at scale
Annual Programming like Onboarding and Orientations.


Buyer Profile:
Chief People Officers
Learning and Development Executives
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Executives
University Orientation Directors

Dear World Live benefits organizations and executives who seek:

Interactive and inspiring storytelling activations at conferences, retreats, and other meetings.ย 

Video and creative direction around conference meetings and themes.ย 

Novel and inspiring ways to document, record and share the stories of your attendees, clients and employees.


Buyer Profile:
Certified Meeting Planners
C-Suite Executives


Our newest Dear World live method โ€“ the PRTRAIT PROCESSย 

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