We develop storytelling methodsthat inspire, connect and build skills.

What is Dear World?
A Message from Our Founder

A message from our founding storyteller–Robert X. Fogarty–about our work, why we do it and how we see the world.

The world's best brands trust our storytelling methods

The Brain Tattoo Method: See how original Brain Tattoo Method works.

Letter of your Life (LOYL): Our executive storytelling curriculum inspired by our founder’s commencement speech.

Our latest storytelling method: The PRTRAIT Process gives people a new way to see each other through photographs.

Dear World Storytellers: Meet the people who deliver our events.

The Dear World foundation creates community led storytelling projects with the profits generated from our leadership, learning and education business.


This is a portrait of Justice Mina from Orlando.

Orlando Pulse: Survivors, first responders and victim’s families use the Brain Tattoo method to reflect a year after the shooting.

This is an image of a woman with writing on her neck.

ICU nurses: Share intimate stories inside COVID units during height of 2020 pandemic.

This is an image of an African man with writing on his hands.

South Sudan: Citizens use the Brain Tattoo Method to share what it’s like to live  in the world’s newest country.

This is an image of a young man sitting and posing.

Sandy Hook Kids: 10 years after the shooting 10 students use the PRTRAIT Process to see each other differently.

“I’ve never seen an exercise break down barriers faster than this one. If you want a group to connect and bond quickly I would highly recommend Dear World.”

Malaika Myers


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